Who Are We?

We are people who have uncovered a gift that has been given to us, nurtured, studied in depth, and became certified in the field of counseling. Our area of focus is to guide our clients through their own process of healing. We believe although awareness is key to self healing, awareness is only the beginning. You may be very aware of the circumstances and/or the people in your life that played a large role in the development of your belief system, but may not know the process with which to heal the effects. It is important to know what the effects are, but most importantly you need to know why. The why is key in order to facilitate change. The process is not easy, it can be emotionally painful. The reward is reclaiming what you once felt and experienced as a child; your instincts, imagination, creativity, innocence, unconditional love of others and most importantly, self-love. We have been there and we can help. We are passionate about helping you to find your own truth and in doing so, you will ultimately uncover your own special gift or gifts you were born with.Through self-awareness and the healing process, you will find a place of inner peace, spirituality, and self-love.

We are aware and senstive that issues may be too intimate to discuss with family or friends and thus provide the personal options of Online Counseling or via phone. We are here for you!