We are all given gifts. It is up to us to recognize the gifts we have been given and ultimately to share this unique part of ourselves with others. Most tell us what to do, few show us how to do it.

We have been encouraged to share our life's experiences, vulnerability and the healing process necessary to resolve emotional issues. Your journey will be one of personal growth and inner peace.

What we are able to share is the experience of the process and the ultimate freedom that comes with being consciously aware of why we are, who we are, each and every day. We are willing to share the process of becoming free to love, not only ourselves but also the ones who love us. Many of us are aware of our pain but not comfortable with what to do or how to do it. We understand how difficult it is to come to grips with issues, how insidious learned behavior is, and how it affects not only ourselves but other people in our lives.