Self Discovery

We are all put on this earth to love and be loved. Self-Discovery and the inner journey necessary to take us there, is a learning process that enables us to uncover why we are, who we are. We are all a product of our past and the learned behavior we have acquired. We all have issues to resolve, some severe, some less severe and if these issues are not addressed, we will continue to lead a life of existing, not thriving. It is the most difficult process that we as human beings will ever undertake. It can be a very tough and extremely painful experience, for the most difficult aspect of our process is to look within ourselves, take responsibility for our own feelings and actions, and be able to take control of our lives in order to make healthy choices. The reward of this ongoing process is the recognition and awareness of who we really are, and the ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with having a loving, caring, sharing relationship, with yourself, those you love and those who love you.