What Is A Belief System?

A belief system is learned behavior developed from birth and begins to entrench itself in our psyche by the age of three. It defines how we view ourselves through the love or non-love, first through our parents, second through our siblings and third through outside influences. The amount of love and respect we are shown from childhood and our adolescent years will determine the amount of love that we have for ourselves and in turn able to give to others. Our belief system will determine the choices we make (positivie or negative), whether we believe we are intelligent or not, worthy of love or not, are able to trust or not ( vulnerability ) and will or will not allow us to be completely aware of why we are, who we are. It will determine how we live our lives.

We will help guide you through the process necessary to break the cycle of entrenced negative thoughts and emotions. The healing process will provide you new insights and tools in order to begin nuturing your inner growth and ultimately enriching your belief system.